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The most common symptoms are fatigue, diminished concentration and memory, depression, weakness, dizziness, and headache. About half of patients meet criteria for depression and anxiety disorders, but the relationship of such disorders to MCS is not clear. That is, it is not reliably known whether the psychiatric condition is a cause or consequence of MCS, or simply a coincidental problem. Some sufferers believe that living in environments controlled to maintain low chemical exposure is the only strategy for combating such disorders. Many scientists and physicians no not accept the validity of these disorders, because the science of toxicology has not established the health hazards of low levels of chemicals posited to account for symptoms in most MCS disorders. Nor do the clinical disorders conform to a common model for allergic illnesses. So many health professionals discount these putative illnesses as physical, thinking of them instead as the consequences of depression, anxiety or psychosomatic disorders. (A non-judgmental reference on the subject is “Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome” by Michael K. Magill and Anthony Suruda, in the journal, American Family Physician, vol. 58, pp. 721-730, September 1, 1998.) 

Los Chamas Trio Los Chamas Rincon LimeñoLos Chamas Trio Los Chamas Rincon LimeñoLos Chamas Trio Los Chamas Rincon LimeñoLos Chamas Trio Los Chamas Rincon Limeño