Various - smash hits 4

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Collection of Michael Jackson's music videos from the period 1983-1997. Mainly focused post-1995 era, including videos such as, "Scream", "They Don't Care About Us", and more.

But as soon as Chris Pine arrives and they're off on the adventure, this becomes the rare studio film in which the second act is the absolute best. The same clunky posturing problems rear their head again in the third act where the math of the Ares reveal never makes sense (dramatic or otherwise), all before slipping into just another CGI slugfest (we also have to stop doing this. People don't want this. They want the end of Kill Bill Vol. II.  They want it personal, intimate, and meaningful). And so, the overwrought nature of the fight makes us desperately cling to the emotional beats that work within it. And the glaring truth is that these problems are pronounced enough that they would normally kill a lot of other films. 

Various - Smash Hits 4Various - Smash Hits 4Various - Smash Hits 4Various - Smash Hits 4