Harbringer of the apocalypse - hell's warlords

Amarr Battlecruiser bonuses (per skill level):
10% reduction in Medium Energy Turret activation cost
10% bonus to Medium Energy Turret damage
Role Bonus:
• Can use one Command Burst module
25% bonus to Medium Energy Turret optimal range and falloff
50% bonus to Command Burst area of effect range

Harbinger will advance and attempt to engage Shepard at point-blank range. It possesses a variation of Singularity , which, just as a regular Singularity, can penetrate thin cover, and cause Shepard or squadmates to stagger back, effectively exposing them. Unlike Shepard's Singularity, Harbinger's collapses as soon as a target (be it Shepard or a squadmate) enter its event horizon. Harbinger can also utilize Reave attacks that drain Shepard's shields and health significantly. Harbinger also has a short-ranged splash attack which is similar to the Praetorian 's Death Choir. It can deplete Shepard's shields in a single hit, if Insanity difficulty level is chosen. In addition, this deadly attack has an incinerating effect that will cause Shepard to stagger back, which could be a death sentence on higher difficulty levels.

When medieval travelers needed lodging for the night, they went looking for a harbinger. As long ago as the 12th century, "harbinger" was used to mean "one who provides lodging" or "a host," but that meaning is now obsolete. By the late 1300s, "harbinger" was also being used for a person sent ahead of a main party to seek lodgings, often for royalty or a campaigning army, but that old sense has largely been left in the past, too. Both of those historical senses are true to the Anglo-French parent of "harbinger," the word herberge, meaning "lodgings." The most common sense of the word nowadays, the "forerunner" sense, has been with us since the mid-1500s.

Harbringer Of The Apocalypse - Hell's WarlordsHarbringer Of The Apocalypse - Hell's WarlordsHarbringer Of The Apocalypse - Hell's WarlordsHarbringer Of The Apocalypse - Hell's Warlords